Referral for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

ℹ️ Clicking submit will send referral to Bluebell Health & your patient if you have included their email. Your patient will be contacted by us within 1 business day. If your patient is unsure about starting treatment and wants more information, please note that and we will walk them through their options. 

If you prefer a printable PDF you may download it here

Patient Information

Medicare details

Clinical history

❗To qualify for Medicare, your patient must have a depression diagnosis. We do not treat patients without depression, but can help them find a TMS clinic that does.

❗As TMS is an effective antidepressant it may cause manic switching. This is why we suggest TMS for Bipolar Depression (Type 1) is completed inpatient. We will discuss your patient's options with them and offer alternative TMS clinics.

❗To qualify for Medicare, your patient must have trialled >2 antidepressants for an appropriate length of time as determined by the referrer. Patients who have not tried >2 antidepressants can still pay privately. We will discuss their options with them.

✅ Patients who are still using their 2nd antidepressant do qualify for Medicare. Most patients remain on their medications during TMS.

Referrer details

❗To qualify for Medicare, the MBS item number stipulates that your patient must not have had a prior course of TMS. Our team will discuss payment options with your patient

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